Dr. Nicole K. Konopka


Seminare im Basismodul

  • Introduction to English and American Literary Studies
  • Introduction to British and American Cultural Studies

Seminare im Aufbaumodul

  • New Approaches to Old Favorites - Re-Reading North-American Children's and Young-Adult Book Classics (1860s-1960s)
  • From Neuschwanstein to Niagara Falls: Germans in Canadian Culture
  • The Monstrous Other in American Literature and Culture
  • In the Spotlight: A Survey of US-American Literary History (e-learning Kurs über die VHB)
  • From Benjamin Franklin to "The Girls Next Door": The Rags-to-Riches Narrative in American Culture
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Sublime: German and American Romanticism (inklusive Unterricht im ETA Hoffmann Haus, Bamberg)
  • From Gossip Girl to Dust Bowl Okie: The Representation of Social Class in American Literature and Culture
  • Golder Door: Italian Perspectives on the USA and Vice Versa (inklusive Exkursion nach Rom)
  • An Interdisciplinary Approach to Shakespeare: Language Pedagogy, Linguistics, Literary and Cultural Studies (mit Prof. Dr. Manfred Krug, Dr. Isolde Schmidt, Prof. Dr. Pascal Fischer, Dr. Beatrix Hesse) - focus: "Shakespeare in the American High School" (Culture and Media)
  • More Than Meets the Eye: A Survey of African-American Voices
  • Contemporary Canadian Literature and Culture
  • "Jetzt ist die Zeit und Stunde da, wir reisen nach Amerika!" German Immigrants in US-American and Canadian Literature and Culture (inklusive Exkursion nach Hamburg und Bremerhaven)
  • Beloved Beast: Talking (about) Animals in German and American Literature and Culture
  • Coming into Clover: Past and Present of Irish America (inklusive Exkursion nach Dublin)
  • Across the Sea: Transatlantic Relationships between Germany and the USA (inklusive Studierendensymposium in Prag)
  • Germans in Canadian Literature and Culture (inklusive Tagesausflug nach Neuschwanstein)
  • Germans in the American Civil War (inklusive Tagesausflug zum Civil War Reenactment in Walldürn)
  • Dudes, Machos, and Real Men: Masculinity in American Fiction
  • Left in Ruins: German and American Romanticism (inklusive Tagesausflug in den Landschaftspark Wilhelmsbad/Hanau und das Städelmuseum Frankfurt/Main)
  • The Figure of the Outsider in German and American Literature and Culture (inklusive Tagesausflug zur Aufführung des Götz von Berlichingen im Rahmen der Burgfestspiele in Jagsthausen)
  • The European Immigrant Autobiography: A Fragment of U.S. American History
  • Eating Cultures: Food in a Largely American Con-Text
  • A Different Point of View: Female Narratives in American Immigrant Literature

Übungen (alle Module)

  • From Know-It-All to Clearly Clueless: Exploring the Narrator in US-American and Canadian Fiction
  • Social Writing, Socialist Writing, So-called Writing? American Literature 1860–1910
  • Reading the Frontier: Westward Expansion in American Literature and Culture
  • Disturbing Paradigms: Mental Illness in U.S. American Literature and Culture
  • Reading Age: Childhood and Youth in German and North-American Literature and Culture (inklusive Tagesausflug zum 17. Internationalen Comic-Salon Erlangen)
  • Like Feathered Brushstrokes in the Sand: Reading Asian North American Fiction
  • Tough Ladies: Women in American Fiction
  • 13 Books That Shaped America
  • Reading the American City
  • Through the Eyes of the 'Monster': An-other History of America
  • Reading Texts of the Westward Expansion: How the West Was Won
  • Have a Little Faith: Religion in American Fiction
  • From Rags to Riches: The American Dream in U.S. American Fiction
  • Promised Land: Multicultural Perspectives on the United States of America

Übungen im Ergänzungs- und Vertiefungsmodul und Tutorien

  • How to Write a Term Paper (BA/LA/MA)
  • Key Texts of Literary Theory
  • Repetitorium "Amerikanische Literatur" (Examensübung für Lehrämter)
  • Betreuungsübung "Amerikanische Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft" (BA)

Media Session

  • Body Switch (zusammen mit Lorena Bickert)
  • American Summer Camp Movies
  • The Wild West on the Big Screen
  • Looking Good! Beauty and American Cinema
  • Celluloid Quest: Heroes, Heroines, and the American Cinema
  • Shopping Films
  • Hotel Films
  • "And the Oscar® goes to…"
  • American Icons
  • Wild Ones/Mild Ones: Humans and Animals on Screen
  • Tales of the Strange and Wonderful: Femininity on Screen
  • The Empire Strikes Back: Imperialism on Screen
  • Famous Cinematic Quotations