Bamberg, with its approximately 77,000 inhabitants, is a manageable city in which it is easy to study and you will find your way around very quickly. Bamberg's old town has held the title of "UNESCO World Heritage Site" since 1993 and is experiencing a real boom. For example, the number of students rose from about 9,000 in the winter semester 2009/2010 to over 13,000 in the winter semester 2017/2018. About one in six people in Bamberg is a student, which makes Bamberg a very young city with a lot to offer.

At the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, you can expect international and interdisciplinary study programs. Thus, there is a close cooperation with the Information Systems and Applied Computer Sciences  or also the Faculty of Human Sciences and Education. In total, the faculty is currently home to five departments, eight Bachelor's, eleven Master's and twenty-one double degree programmes. You will find further information on the individual departments and programmes directly on their pages:

Ways for international students to study at SoWi

At SoWi, we strive for internationalization across all departments and degree programmes. In teaching and research we always take an international perspective. Furthermore, we strive to train international students in our degree programmes, to qualify international doctoral candidates for an academic career, and in research to collaborate with colleagues from all over the world. As a student, you basically have two different options to study at SoWi:

How to get a PhD at SoWi

For science, exchange among each other has always been essential and, of course, in many cases such exchange makes sense only globally. Culturally diversified research teams are, therefore, only the next logical step, which starts with the selection of PhD students. If you want to do a PhD at the faculty there are basically two possibilities: you can apply directly to a chair that thematically matches your research interests or you can pursue a PhD through the Graduate School of Social Sciences (BAGSS). You will find further information on this topic here:

Service institutions for students of the University of Bamberg

There are many service institutions at the University of Bamberg to provide everything you will need here as a student. You will find further information on the current offers here:

Representative Officers

The University of Bamberg has representatives for various topics, who will assist you in word and deed with the respective topic. You will find further information and the contact details of the responsible persons here:

University-related groups and student initiatives

In addition to the official contact points at the university, there is a number of university-related groups and student initiatives that support students at the faculty. For example, the Fachschaft SoWioffers advice from a student's point of view, organizes the Freshman orientation days and other events for our students.

Feki.deis an association for the promotion of electronic communication and the exchange of information among students of the Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg e.V. and provides useful information concerning your studies as well as many interesting topics for you to get actively involved. You will find information on the association but also on student life in Bamberg on the homepage of the association.

Cogita! e.v. wants to bring the theory of everyday university life into practice under the motto "Theory meets practice!” The association organizes events and workshops with companies and is at the University of Bamberg a contact for your personal development beyond your studies.

AEGEE-Bamberg e.V. strives for a democratic, diverse and borderless Europe that is socially, economically and politically integrated and appreciates young people who participate in its construction and development. It provides a lot of information especially for international students in Bamberg and organizes excursions and other events.

Ottfried e.V. publishes the Bamberg student magazine Ottfried  regularly in print format once per semester. In addition, there is a freshman issue at the beginning of the winter semester.

In addition to the above-mentioned associations and groups, there are many other so-called university-related groups around the University of Bamberg. You will find a current overview here.

Questions still open?

Do you still have questions on the application or on the contents of the study abroad programme? The International Office of the University of Bamberg will be happy to help you with general and organizational questions. Dr. Tobias Kaufmann, , will answer any specific questions you may have.