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Upcoming events

Nika pub quiz (exact date TBA)

It's quiz'n time: In cooperation with Café Nika, we have a pub quiz for you! Ask your friends, get together in a group and compete with other students!

Student council information evening (22.04.2024)

The student council introduces itself! Come along, listen to our short talk and enjoy cake and drinks.

SoWi games evening (04.06.2024)

Alea iacta est: We provide rooms and games (although your own games are also welcome) and you can play your favorite games in the evening at the university. This is also a good opportunity to meet new people!

Summer barbecue (13.06.2024)

At our barbecue we want to provide you not only with food (meat, vegetarian and vegan), but also with information about the university election. Come along and enjoy the food!

Faculty party (26.06.2024)

The faculty is celebrating! Just like last year, we are having our faculty party again this summer. Enjoy the evening with food, drinks and music - have fun and a good time.

Uni.fest (05.07.2024)

The university celebrates again in the city center! There will be food, drinks, good vibes and live music!