Student Parliament

The Student Parliament (StuPa for short) is made up of the two student senators, four members from each student council and 17 directly elected members from political university-related groups. This makes it the largest student body and the metaphorical heart of student representation. This is where all committed students come together.

To the currently in the student parliament(249.8 KB) represented political university groups represented include the Bamberg Green-Left Student Initiative (BAGLS), the Juso University Group Bamberg (Jusos), the Ring Christlich-Demokratischer Studenten (RCDS), the AStA list and the Liberale Hochschulgruppe (LHG).

The 35 members debate current student issues at regular meetings and take a stand on various topics with the university committees. The StuPa regularly publishes reports from the student parliament in their blog.

You have a total of 17 votes for the directly elected members of the student parliament, i.e. for the representatives of the university policy groups. You can accumulate a maximum of three votes for one person. Pancaking is permitted.


from: Stuve Bamberg - The Student Parliament (Structure)