University elections

University elections are always held in the summer semester. This is when the seats for the faculty councils, the Senate and the student parliament are elected.

If you have any questions about the elections, please contact us. You can find the approved election proposals, the election notice and the composition of the election committee here!

The ballot paper

The students elect three representative bodies and their candidates.

1. The student parliament

The student parliament consists of 17 students from the political university groups. You can distribute 17 votes between these groups (LHG, BAGLS, Jusos, RCDS, Asta Liste). You can find a list of all candidates on the Election page of the student council.

The student parliament is complemented by 16 elected representatives from the four student councils (HuWi, WiAI, GuK and SoWi) and the elected senators.

2. The senators

Here you have two more votes. There are two student political groups available. You can choose between the "Bunte[n] Linke Liste" and the "Liste freier demokratischer Studierender". Your senators sit at the highest level of the university and act as mediators between the university management and the student representatives. The senators sit on the Senate and the University Council.

3. student representatives, in particular representatives on the faculty council

This list depends on the faculty. Students majoring in SoWi elect the student representatives of the SoWi student council accordingly. You can vote for two people here. You can find our candidates standing for election under "Our candidates".

Our tasks include appointing new professors, improving study conditions and making changes to degree programs. In general, the student council is there to help you with questions and problems relating to your studies.

The two candidates from the student representatives who receive the most votes are also student representatives on the Faculty Council at SoWi.