University Politics Team

Welcome to the website of our University Policy Team (HoPo for short)!

University politics is an important topic at universities. As a student council, we have the unique opportunity to really influence life at the university by having a say in the various university bodies.

One of our tasks is to appoint members to the various quality circles and committees. These can be about how and where the university spends money or about the quality of studies and teaching. Furthermore, as a student council, we sit on the Student Parliament (StuPa) and the Faculty Council (FakRat) of the SoWi.

Committee work

There are a number of different committees at the University of Bamberg to provide expert advice and make recommendations for decisions.
Professors, staff and students come together in these committees to coordinate and advise each other.
The student parliament sends the student representatives 
representatives to the committees - you do not necessarily have to have been elected to the student parliament to be delegated - so anyone who is interested can participate in the committees.

The student parliament

The Stupa is elected every year in the summer semester and is made up of the various university groups. These groups discuss ideas relating to student life and make decisions that should be passed on to the university administration (UL). The StuPa is a good opportunity to make the concerns and problems as well as ideas and suggestions of the student body heard. Even if the UL does not have to implement anything, they usually adhere to the proposals presented by the StuPa.

The Faculty Council

Finally, we sit on the Faculty Council with two elected representatives. This is made up of a wide variety of professors and lecturers and discusses problems that affect you as a student body and works on solutions. Our first two elected representatives are sent to the Faculty Council to make student problems at our faculty heard. Would you like to find out more? Then take a look at our section on the university elections!

Do you want to make a difference at the university? Then come and visit us, we are always looking for reinforcements so that we can continue to work with you to improve student life.

In the HoPo team you can expect:

Representing the students vis-à-vis the university
Working together with university policy bodies
Networking with other student representatives throughout Germany

Why should you do this? It's quite simple:

You can gain experience in representing your interests
You can gain experience in negotiation techniques
And last but not least - you are part of a cool team that will always support you!


Are you interested? Don't worry, no one will be thrown in at the deep end! Our teamers will show you all the tips, tricks and hacks they have learned.

What are you waiting for? Just drop by!

If you have any questions about the HoPo team, visit our team leader Lukas in the office!
You can find our office hours here.