Infos regarding winter term 21/22

Course offering in sales and marketing in the coming semester

The winter term 21/22 will still be affected by the covid pandemic. As a consequence, larger courses will need to take place majoritarily online.

Smaller courses may take place in presence, but the development of the pandemic may lead us to move back entirely to digital teaching.

The sales and marketing department provides detailed information on the course offer in a dedicated VC course on the virtual campus (similar to our dedicated courses in the last three semesters "Informationen zu Lehre und Prüfungen").

However, because of the expected number of participating students the following courses will definitively take place in digital form and a written exam will take place at the end of the winter term:

- Business-to-business marketing & purchasing (M.Sc. level)

- Price Management (M.Sc. level)

- Strategic brand management (B.Sc. level)

- Sales and markeing management (B.Sc. level)

- Introduction to marketing intelligence (B.Sc. level)

For all other course offerings (the Colloquium on bachelor and master theses, Nachhaltigkeit in Vertrieb und Marketing, Global marketing, Research seminar in international marketing, Intercultural challenges in customer and account management etc., as well as exercise sessions that accompany certain lectures) we provide more specific information regarding course schedules and teaching modes in our dedicated VC course, and we keep this course updated as the siuation evolves.

In the meantime, we invite all students who have not yet gotten a vaccination to do so as soon as possible. Irrespective of the precise development of the pandemic, the higher the vaccination rate is, the more likely it becomes that at least smaller courses can be taught in presence again.