Prof. Dr. Ute Schmid

Head of Cognitive Systems Group

Diploma, Psychology
Diploma, Computer Science

Office: WE5/05.043
Office hours: by appointment

Phone: +49-951-863 2860
Email: ute.schmid(at)

Ute Schmid holds a diploma in psychology and a diploma in computer science, both from Technical University Berlin (TUB), Germany. She received her doctoral degree (Dr. rer.nat.) in computer science from TUB in 1994 and her habilitation in computer science in 2002. From 1994 to 2001 she was assistant professor (wissenschaftliche Assistentin) at the AI/Machine Learning group, Department of Computer Science, TUB. Afterwards she worked as lecturer (akademische Rätin) for Intelligent Systems at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at University Osnabrück. Since 2004 she holds a professorship of Applied Computer Science/Cognitive Systems at the University of Bamberg.

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Her research interests are mainly in the domain of comprehensible machine learning and high-level learning on structural data, especially inductive programming, knowledge level learning from planning, learning structural prototypes, analogical problem solving and learning. Further research is on various applications of machine learning (e.g., classifier learning from medical data and for facial expressions) and empirical and experimental work on high-level cognitive processes and usability evaluation. Ute Schmid dedicates a significant amount of her time to measures supporting women in computer science and to promote computer science as a topic in elementary, primary, and secondary education.



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