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  • Please note: 15 ECTS projects are offered regularily in most semesters. Projects are typically done individually and topics are in relation to research projects (third party funded projects or doctoral research). Please inquire by email.
  • Please note: the "Fächerübergreifendes Modul" (FÜM) for the master program in psychology has been renamed to "Cognitive Artificial Intelligence" (Kognitive Künstliche Intelligenz). The first, introductory course for the FÜM is "Introduction to AI for Humanities and Social Sciences" (Künstliche Intelligenz für Geistes-, Human- und Sozialwissenschaften), offered each winter term.

Timetable SS 24: Overview of Cognitive Systems Courses

08:00 - 10:00  
10:00 - 12:00 





Seminar Genderaspekte

V Einführung in die Künstliche Intelligenz
12:00 - 14:00 





14:00 - 16:00  Bachelor/Master Projekt Kognitive Systeme
16:00 - 18:00

Ü Einführung in die Künstliche Intelligenz





Some remarks

  • Please note that starting in winter term 2023/2024 "Foundations of Cognitive Computer Science" (Grundlagen der Kognitiven Informatik, elective for minor subject Applied CS and B.Sc. Psychology) has been slightly adapted in content and renamed as "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Humanities" (Künstliches Intelligenz für Geistes-, Human-, und Sozialwissenschaften) in winter term 2023/2024, the 9 ECTS elective Cognitive Computer Science for M.Sc. Psychology "Fachübergreifendes Modul Kognitive Informatik" will also be adapted and renamed to "Cognitive Artificial Intelligence" (Kognitive Künstliche Intelligenz)

  • Please note that the module machine learning will be offered as a bachelor module starting in winter term 2023/2024 and no longer as a master module.

  • Please note that the bachelor/master seminar (seminar course for BA/MA Applied CS) in winter term 2019/2020 will have a new focus: It is offered by Ute Schmid to the topic Explainable AI. In winter term 2022/2023, the seminar will be offered jointly with Christian Ledig (XAI group). In winter term 2023/2024 seminar topic has been AI and Education.

  • Only in winter term 2022/2023 Bettina Finzel offers an interdisciplinary seminar KI@BA (for BA AI, MA CitH). This seminar is open for students who successfully participated at the course introduction to artificial intelligence. The seminar has been part of "Eine Uni - ein Buch: Bamberg liest, diskutiert und gestaltet Künstliche Intelligenz"

  • In summer term 2022 Ute Schmid is on sabbatical and Introduction to AI is taught by Diedrich Wolter (alone).

  • Projects (6 ECTS) will be offered for bachlor and master students in summer terms 2020 to 2022 with practice partners, focussing on "Hands-on Machine Learning".

  • From winter 2019/2020 the module "Machine Learning" (Lernende Systeme) is elegible for students of the master in Survey Statistics (MiSS). The module is an official import module for this degree.
  • From summer term 2020 onwards Johannes Rabold will offer a master seminar course on deep learning. This course is open for students who successfully participated at the master course machine learning. The course offer ended in summer 2022: We now have a professor with a research focus in deep learning (Christian Ledig).
  • Please note that in summer 2018 the module Intelligent Agents has been taught for the last time. From summer 2019 onwards, a new modul "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" (Einführung in die Künstliche Intelligenz) is offered as a joint module with Diedrich Wolter (SME). Most topics of Intelligent Agents will be covered in this new module.
  • In summer term 2017 Ute Schmid will be on sabbatical. The lecture of the module Intelligent Agents will be held by Michael Mendler. The seminar course "Gender Aspects" will not be offered.
  • In winter term 2015/2016, the KogSys seminar was jointly offered with SmartEnvironments with focus on artificial intelligence. This offer will be continued each winter term. (last time offered: winter 18/19)
  • In summer term 2016 there was a joint bachelor/master project with SmartEnvironmentswhere we participated at and WON the AI Birds competition.
  • In summer term 2015 a new seminar in the "Kontext-Studium", Gender Aspects in Informatics, has been introduced as a new, regular course. The seminar is offered jointly with Kai Fischbach. This course will combine discussion of theoretical aspects of gender in computer science with development of activities (such as mentoring, teaching material for pupils, image videos).
  • In summer term 2015 there was a joint bachelor/master project with MoBi investigating analyses of traces of pedestrians during events in the city center. Since the CogSys part of the project is concerned with applying machine learning techniques, the course should be elected by master students who already completed our machine learning module.
  • In winter term 2013/2014 the master seminar "reading club" (M2) was offered as a block course, since this course was not offered in summer 2013.
  • In winter term 2013/2014 we offered a joint bachelor/master project with KTR [VC-Course page]
  • In summer term 2013 Ute Schmid was on sabbatical. The lecture of the module Intelligent Agents was held by Michael Mendler.
  • In winter term 2012/2013 there was a joint seminar/project of GdI and KogSys: Robot Problem Solving [VC-Course page]
  • The module KogSys-HCI-M was offered in WS 2009/2010 for the last time. Starting in WS 2010/2011 a new module, KogSys-KogMod-M: Kognitive Modellierung is offered.
  • Starting in WS 2010/2011 a special course for Bachelor students in psychology, Grundlagen der Kognitiven Informatik, is offered.
  • In summer term 2010 Ute Schmid held the lecture "Machines and Languages" (Grundlagen der Theoretischen Informatik) in place of Michael Mendler who was on sabbatical.

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