Introduction to Artificial Intelligence / Einführung in die Künstliche Intelligenz (SS 2024)

General Information

  • For a general course description please read the corresponding pages from the WIAI module guide.
  • You find administrative information at UnivIS.
  • To get up-to-date information you should sign up for the course in the virtual campus.
  • Recommended for bachelor students in the 4th semester.
  • This course updates and replaces the module “Intelligente Agenten”, i.e., you cannot register for this module if you have already taken “Intelligente Agenten”.

Recommended Reading / Links

Text books on AI, Logic and AI programming:

Some Links:

Lecture Topics

  1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence [pdf]
  2. Problem Spaces and Search [pdf]
  3. Heuristic Search, Branch and Bound, A* [pdf]
  4. Search in Game Trees, Monte-Carlo Tree Search [pdf]
  5. Knowledge Representation Classics -- semantic networks, frames, CSPs [pdf]
  6. Classical Logics: Propositional Logic and First Order Logic [pdf]
  7. Resolution Calculus and Prolog [pdf]
  8. Non-Classical Logics: default, tms, Bayes, probabilistic, modal, epistemic, temporal [pdf]
  9. Planning [pdf]
  10. Machine Learning [pdf]
  11. Object and Scene Recognition [pdf]
  12. Language Processing [pdf]
  13. Cognitive AI / Situated and Embodied AI
  14. Applications of AI / Ethical Aspects of AI / Open Questions of AI



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