Publikation und Veranstaltungen


09/2022, "Negotiating Female Subjectivities: two novels by Latifa alZayyat", German Orientalists' Day (DOT 2022), Free University of Berlin, Germany. 

09/2022, “(How) Can Places Speak? Spaces Narrating Subjectivities in Ashour’s Farag”, The Street and the City IV, Moments, University of Lisbon, Portugal.

07/2022, "Maman! Māmā! Beyond Matrophobia: Protesting Maternal Encounters from a Feminine Perspective", Beyond the Street: Cultural Forms of Contemporary Protest in the MENA Region: Elite, Universities of Bamberg und Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany.

07/2022, "Mothers and Daughters: Nada, Madeline and Hamdiya in Blue Lorries", Discourses on Motherhood: International Conference, London Center for Interdisciplinary Research, London, England. 

06/2022, "The Recipe for Alienation by Madeline in Blue Lorries", An Interdisciplinary Conference: Displacement, Emplacement, and Migration, Bamberg Graduate School of Literary, Cultural, and Media Studies (BaGraLCM) and the Chair for English Literature Studies, Bamberg, Germany

06/2022, "The Narrative Voice in Latifa alZayyat Later Works: The Owner of the House – (Re)claiming subjectivity", 14th EURAMAL CONFERENCE 6-8 June 2022, Sofia, (Virtual Conference)

10/2021, "Cathartic or Destructive: Love in The Open Door", Wissenschaftliches Kolloquium der BaGOS, University of Bamberg, Germany

12/2020, "School System in Egypt: New Didactic Approaches", Thementag Schulsysteme weltweit-School System Worldwide, Bamberg Teacher Education for a Global World (BaTEG), Bamberg, Germany.

11/2020, "Egyptian Women Writings of the 20th century: the Reading of a Disillusionment?​​​​​​", Wissenschaftliches Kolloquium der BaGOS, University of Bamberg, Germany

07/2020, "The Unsung Heroine Speaks", 2020 4th International Conference on Linguistics and Literature ICLL 2020, IJLLL, Paris, France(Virtual Conference). 

01/2020, "A Glance at the Arabic Literature: The Rise of the Arabic Novel", Seminar "Introduction to the Arabo-Islamic World", University of Bayreuth, Germany

11/2019, "Female Subjectivity from a Female Authorial Perspective: The Case of Latifa al-Zayyat and Radwa Ashour", Wissenschaftliches Kolloquium der BaGOS, University of Bamberg, Germany

International Cooperations:

12/2022, Organizer in DAAD Project "Diverse Pedagogy and Reception: (Re)forming Subjectivities in Arab Women’s Writings", Workshop, British University in Cairo and Cairo University, Egypt. 

02/2020, Co-organizer in DAAD Project, „Rezeptive Dialektkompetenz und Interkomprehension in der AraF-Didaktik“, Workshop,  Mohammed V  University of Rabat, Morocco.  

06/2019, Co-organizer, „Kompetenzorientierung im Arabischunterricht”, German-Arabic Conference of the Fachverband Arabisch, University of Bamberg, Germany.