University of Essex

The University

The University of Essex is a highly acclaimed university that is well known for its outstanding research and teaching expertise. It is consistently ranked as one of UK's best universities. Located in the east of England, university life predominantly takes place on the main campus called Wivenhoe Park, comprising 17 different schools and departments from Humanities to Science and Health. Its Social Science Department is considered to be one of the best in Europe and therefore attracts a high number of international students each year, with a current student body of 130 different nationalities. Students profit from excellent scholars, all kinds of university facilities that assist students in any way possible, and a closely-knit community that empowers a welcoming and very friendly atmosphere.

The Program

The dual program is structured such that students spend their first year at Essex University and their second year at the University of Bamberg. After successful completion of their studies, graduates are awarded a Master of Science from the University of Essex and a Master of Arts in Political Science (with different specialisations available) from the University of Bamberg.

Possible Essex Degree Programmes are:

Students in the double degree program receive a 20% discount on regular Essex fees.

Further information on the Master's program at Essex

Further information on the Master's program at Bamberg