Professorship of Public policy

We are pleased to welcome Carina Schmitt as the new chair holder in the summer semester 2022.

The professorship of Public policy focuses in teaching and research on the theory-based, comparative analyses of financial, economical and social policies of developed democracies. We compare national policy fields, but also examine the european and international expansion of governance. 

Our main research interest is comparative and international political economy. We focus especially on the changes of institutions and policies under the conditions of globalisation. In current projects, we examine particularly tax policy, regulation of financial markets and social policy. You can find further information on our current and finished research projects on our research site.

Political economy and the varying economical, financial and societal policy fields are also in the focus of teaching. Our aim is to familiarise students with the main theories and methods of public policy and political economy, to motivate them to challenge these and to assistant for the empirical appliance in different policy fields. You can find further information, especially our current teaching program, at the student site. <link setzen>