Welcome to the Chair of Public Policy!

In teaching and research, we focus on the theory-based analysis of social and economic policy in international comparative perspective. On the one hand, we examine policies in a cross-national comparative way, but on the other hand also on the international diffusion of policies as well as the historical context of policy-making. Guiding research questions are:

  • Why do some countries have inclusive and generous social security systems and others do not?
  • What role does the colonial past of many countries in the Global South play in poverty and inequality?
  • What is the importance of political protest movements in shaping policy?
  • Does war influence the emergence and development of social policy?
  • How did Western welfare states and social security systems emerge in the Global South?

Thus, at the professorship, we focus on the international comparison of political economy and social policies. A particular area of research is the emergence and development of social policy in the Global South, so-called developing countries, and emerging market economies. We examine, for example, the influence of colonialism, conflicts, and wars on the design of social security systems. More detailed information on current and completed research projects can be found on our research page (link).

Our Teaching also focuses on social policy and other economic and fiscal policies in international comparison. Our goal is to teach students the central theories and methods of public policy analysis. In doing so, we offer students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the role of global interdependence for and historical development of public policies, as well as to answer empirical questions in this area using the appropriate methods. For further information, especially references to the current teaching program, please see studies.