Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I register for classes? 

Students can register for classes using FlexNow! The registration for a class is also a compulsory registration for the respective exam. The deadlines for our chair can be found here.(129.1 KB)


What should I do if I cannot register via FlexNow!? 

Please check here whether you did everything correctly. If the registration is still not possible, please send a mail to flexnow(at) or contact the examination office responsible for your course of studies. 


Who can I turn to if I have questions concerning the introductory lecture? 

If you have a question concerning: 

  • The modalities of the exam, 

  • The registration for the exam, 

  • The preparation for the exam, 

  • The topics of the exam, 

please refer to the respective tutor. These questions will only be answered by him/her. 

Further information concerning registration and exam modalities can be found here(169.0 KB)


How can I improve the grade I received in the exam? 

Students, to whom the new exam regulations apply, can repeat the exam and only the better of the two grades will count. The deadlines can be found under “Deadlines for the exam”. This only applies to students who are subject to exam regulations from political science. 

The registration must be done at the examination office.  


How do I substitute diploma-examinations?  

Please download this form and bring it to the chair. Please also bring a printout of your grades from FlexNow!   


What should I do if I failed the exam?   

There are always two dates for the exam. If you did not pass the exam, you can register for the next date, as soon as the results were published. You must register yourself using FlexNow!, there is no compulsory registration for exams at this chair!   


What do I do if I am ill on the day of the exam?   

Please send Mrs. Röder a doctor's certificate within three days. It is not necessary to additionally call or E-Mail the chair.   

Where can I get information about scholarships?  

Information about scholarships can be found here.