Information Concerning Courses and Exams (Bachelor's and Master's)

  • Lecture "Einführung in die Vergleichende Politikwissenschaft" („Introduction to Comparative Politics“) leaflet (169.0 KB)about registration and modalities  

  • Registration (129.1 KB, 1 page)and de-registration deadlines for courses 

  • Here you can find information regarding the registration-process using FlexNow! FlexNow! for Students

  • Topics (50.8 KB, 2 pages)for final thesis papers 

  • Helpful literature for exams with Prof. Saalfeld  

  • Deadlines for thesis papers

Papers written at the Chair of Comparative Politics during the lecture free period must comply with the following rules: the deadline is the first day of the next lecture period. If papers cannot be submitted on time, the deadline can be prolonged by four weeks, however, the grade will be lowered by one point (eg. 2.3 will turn into 3.3)

30. April 2012