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Conference: Digitality and Diversity 23 March-24 March 2023

The Association for German Studies at Bavarian Universities discusses the role of diversity and digitality for the discipline (U2/00.25).

Diversity Lecture: Status in Roman Egypt 15 November 2021, 4-6 p.m.

Guest professor Maria Nowak (University of Warsaw) will talk about her research project on diversity in Roman Egypt in Bamberg.

Diversity Charter Signed

Bamberg University has formalized its commitment to creating an inclusive community where all feel welcome and appreciated in their diversity.

Inaugural Event in the Diversity Guest Lecture Series

“Diversity Across the Disciplines: An International Lecture Series” launches on 06 May 2021 with a workshop by professors from Prague and Bamberg.

Girls’ Day 22 April 2021

WIAI’s Girls’ Day event for interested schoolgirls is taking place for the 15th time, this year’s topic addressing how computer science helps people.

Klischeefrei Initiative Signed 30 March 2021

As a partner organization of the initiative Klischeefrei, the University of Bamberg supports an unprejudiced choice of study and career.

Convention: Inclusion in Schools 25 March 2021

The 3rd Annual BAS!S Conference at the University of Bamberg focuses on heterogeneity in the classroom.