Anti-Discrimination Office of the University of Bamberg

Who can contact the Anti-Discrimination Office?

The Anti-Discrimination Office is open to all university members.

How does the Anti-Discrimination Office work?

All inquiries are treated with strict confidentiality.

No information will be shared with other university departments. If other university bodies are to be involved in counselling or a complaint, this will only occur with the written consent of the person concerned.

All information shared with the Anti-Discrimination Office is subject to data protection regulations.

On request, the persons concerned can be supported by Anti-Discrimination Office staff in mediation talks and complaint procedures.

What does the Anti-Discrimination Office offer?

The university’s Anti-Discrimination Office provides advice and support for all university members as regards discrimination, exclusion and harassment based on protected characteristics. The offering is based on The General Act on Equal Treatment (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz, AGG) and includes:

  • Counselling, referral advice and anti-discrimination counselling in both German and English,
  • Provision of informational material and resources for affected persons,
  • Preventive measures, training programmes, empowerment,
  • Identification of discrimination,
  • Positive measures as well as compensation for disadvantages according to § 5 AGG (compensatory measures to support disadvantaged people, e.g., mentoring programmes, informational events, diversity trainings),
  • Measures to protect against discrimination according to § 12 AGG (e.g., non-discriminatory service agreements and codes of conduct),
  • Referral to the complaints body according to § 13 AGG, where a complaint can be filed.

These offerings and measures are essential components of a thorough protection against discrimination and aim to promote equality as regards the university’s students and staff.

Anti-Discrimination Office Contact Information

Cindy Stroemel-Scheder
Psychologist and communication coach

Address:  An der Weberei 5 (WE5/03.083), 96047 Bamberg

Email: antidiskriminierung(at)

Phone: +49 (0)951 - 863 1531

Office Hours: by appointment

The office is located at the Erba Campus and is barrier-free.

The Anti-Discrimination Office is only available to a limited extent from March 29th, 2024 to April 14th, 2024.