Diversity at the University of Bamberg

Diversity, Equal Opportunity, Anti-Discrimination

The University of Bamberg's mission statement includes an explicit commitment to embracing human diversity as a strength. The university advocates for universal equality of opportunity for people of different genders and sexual orientations, of different ages, physical and mental abilities, as well as from diverse cultural, geographical, and social backgrounds, and from all religions and ideologies. It supports sustainable family-friendly policies for employees and students, is committed to internationality and lifelong learning and dedicated to openness towards a variety of social groups, including displaced persons.

By establishing a new Vice-Presidency for Diversity and International Affairs in October 2020, the University of Bamberg has institutionalized its diversity policy at the highest level of governance, emphasizing the advancement of equal rights for all as a crucial, long-term goal. Prioritizing this issue presents new opportunities for an intensified, university-wide dialogue – on diversity as an intersectional topic in research, teaching, and administration, on the connections between excellent scholarship and social responsibility, and on the need to create adequate organizational structures.

Diversity activities at the University of Bamberg focus on contributing to research on the significance of human diversity, raising awareness of diversity as a unifying factor, providing support to all persons affected by unequal treatment, and taking joint responsibility for the creation of greater equality of opportunity. These activities encompass research and teaching, university life and strategic, policy-based decisions. They seek to contribute to a university that is open and welcoming to everyone, clearly opposes all forms of discrimination, and promotes diverse perspectives as a vital source of its academic rigor and institutional strength.

Responsibility for implementing comprehensive equality lies with the entire University Executive Board. Numerous partners support the Board in this endeavor:

Corporate Design "Diversity": Bildmitte Büro für Gestaltung, www.bildmitte.de