Diversity Mission Statement and Documents

Bamberg University is committed to increasing the awareness and fostering the appreciation of human diversity – in its research, teaching, and campus life. To that end, it is devising a strategic paper that sets out the basic principles and goals of its diversity-related activities. It will also initiate a diversity round table to intensify the university-wide dialog on diversity-related issues.

Diversity plays a key role in all of Bamberg University’s strategic documents:

University Prospects for Further Development

The University’s Developmental Perspective(240.2 KB, 9 pages)(2015| only available in German), adopted by the University Council, includes the following programmatic statement: "In order to do justice to the diverse talents and abilities of its teaching staff, administrative staff, and students, the university is fully committed to diversity, inclusion, and gender equity. [...] The increasing diversity of students’ backgrounds, identities, and individual conditions (e.g., migratory backgrounds, broader social stratification, sexual identity, different university entrance qualifications, professional qualifications, disabilities, etc.) must be taken into account to an ever-greater extent in the design of teaching, courses of study, advising, and counseling." (7-8)

Equal Opportunity Policy

The University of Bamberg has adopted a joint Equal Opportunity Policy(413.0 KB, 15 pages)(2019| English translation of sections A and B) for its academic and academic support divisions, demonstrating that it understands equal opportunity as a cross-sectional task: the document focuses on people rather than formal or managerial concerns. The Equal Opportunity Policy is meant to initiate structural change so that gender does not lead to inequalities with regard to someone’s choice of studies, study conditions, professional development, or working conditions. It addresses all university members, especially supervisors with personnel responsibility.

The Equal Opportunity Policy aims at “[t]he advancement of diversity, for example in cultural and religious terms; with regard to sexual identity and self-determination; the integration of people who have directly experienced migration. [T]he inclusion of people with disabilities is expected of all institutions in society. […] With regard to equal opportunities for people with transsexual, intersexual, or non-binary gender identity, measures to raise awareness and inform the members of the university will take priority. […] The university’s medium- to long-term goal is to develop a more comprehensive approach to diversity […], one which goes beyond the primary focus on an equal opportunity policy." (4) [The university will also work towards] "more visibility for the issue of anti-discrimination. To this end, this issue should be embedded in an overall diversity strategy. As a contact point for different types of discrimination, there should be a place at the university that functions as an antidiscrimination help centre." (14)

Respecting Boundaries

With Respecting Boundaries(153.4 KB, 5 pages)(2017), the university has adopted a directive to prevent harassment, discrimination, bullying, and stalking. The preamble states: Harassment, especially sexual harassment, “discrimination, mobbing, and stalking, as well as boundary violations due to age, disability, skin color, national origin, religion, ideology, or sexual identity” have no place at the University of Bamberg. (2)

10-Year Report

The 10-Year Report(8.3 MB, 77 pages)of Bamberg University (2020| only available in German) states: "The university as a living space, as a learning and working space for all - how can this be achieved? [...] It means that all those who 'inhabit' this living space understand diversity as a value that needs to be protected and promoted. Diversity is as indispensable for excellent research and teaching as it is for engaged ways of studying and working at the university. [...] In the past decade, the general awareness regarding the need for a diverse and sustainable university culture has grown rapidly." (95)

Quality Goals for Teaching

The Recommendation on Quality Goals in Courses of Study and Teaching(1.0 MB, 2 pages) (2016| only available in German) lists "Promoting Diversity" among the first of Bamberg University’s strategic goals, and names several more specific aims with regard to its teaching philosophy: Ensuring equal opportunity among students and teachers; ensuring equal opportunity for students and teachers in special circumstances; enabling (further) educational opportunities in a needs-oriented manner and for a wide variety of educational careers.