Diversity Topics in Teaching

At the University of Bamberg, all four faculties offer courses that explore questions of gender and age, individual abilities, origin, or religion. These seminars, lectures, and practical training courses on diversity-related topics are extremely varied, demonstrating the university’s commitment to a lively academic exchange across disciplines. Indeed, the consideration of human differences is precisely what often connects our disciplines.

Course Catalog Gender & Diversity

The Course Catalog Gender & Diversity(1.1 MB) presents all the German- and English-language courses that engage with gender- and diversity-related topics per semester – in one file, ready to download, and easy to browse.

It invites all students and interested individuals to take advantage of the wide range of classes the University of Bamberg has to offer on gender and diversity issues. It is also meant to inspire new forms of scholarly collaboration within and among disciplines, and to intensify the academic dialog and exchange on how human differences matter in various research areas – historically, thematically, and conceptually.

Further information on the courses included in this course catalog can be found in this overview on UnivIS.

The Gender & Diversity Course Catalogs from earlier semesters (summer 2023(862.9 KB), winter 2022/2023(717.6 KB), summer 2022(905.8 KB), winter 2021/2022(1.0 MB, 44 pages), summer 2021(907.7 KB, 24 pages)) provide further information on Bamberg University’s broad commitment to addressing questions of gender and diversity in its teaching.

Diversity and Gender Studies as vhb Online Modules

The Virtual University of Bavaria (Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern) regularly offers courses on “Gender Studies” and “Diversity as an Applied Concept in Research and Organization.”

Certificate Inclusion in Teacher Training

The Inclusion Portfolio enables students to engage with the content and objectives of inclusion as well as their own attitudes as an essential step toward professionalizing future teaching and learning in heterogeneous classrooms.

Inclusion in Teacher Training and Educational Courses

Classes on inclusion as an interdisciplinary and cross-cutting topic complement the range of courses for student teachers.

Heterogeneity and Diversity in Education: ProHet

This project, on professionalization with regard to heterogeneity and diversity (Professionalisierung im Hinblick auf Heterogenität und Diversität), anchors these dimensions in teacher training.

Research Results on the Meaning of Gender: Lecture Series Language. Power. Gender (Sprache. Macht. Geschlecht)

In the summer semester 2021, this lecture series presented some of the latest research on the correlation of gender, social cooperation, linguistic interaction, and private and professional life. All lectures of this interdisciplinary series are still available as online videos.