Diversity Award

Bamberg University’s Diversity Award strives to make current diversity-related activities more visible, while encouraging new projects. The award is sponsored by the local company Ofa Bamberg GmbH and is endowed with €1000.00. It is presented annually during the university’s Dies academicus event to honor outstanding achievements in research, teaching, and university life.

Call for Nominations 2022

The Diversity Award is aimed at exceptionally committed members of Bamberg University – including students as well as academic and administrative staff and can be awarded to one individual or group, or divided among several ones, depending on the overall strengths of the applications. The Diversity Award honors achievements in research, teaching, and university life that address diverse social realities and related issues in an informed and innovative way, and thus contribute to a more open and non-discriminatory university and society.

The Following Projects Are Eligible:

  • Research papers and theses – outstanding academic publications and qualification papers as well as theses (BA, MA, and admission papers with a grade of at least 2.0) with a central emphasis on diversity and related aspects (migration, inclusion, social inequality, antisemitism, [anti-] racism and sexism, etc.)
  • Teaching – courses that focus on diversity-related content, concepts, or formats and thus facilitate an academically substantiated examination of diversity, convey theoretical or practical approaches to respectfully addressing heterogeneity, or particularly promote inclusion
  • University life – activities organized by university members that are firmly committed to a cosmopolitan, non-violent atmosphere at the university or beyond, develop or implement new problem-solving approaches to diversity, fight prejudice, discrimination, and racism, or actively support persons affected by unequal treatment

Application and Selection Process:

All university members are eligible to apply or be nominated. Self-applications and nominations (with the consent of the nominee) can be submitted electronically to the personal assistant to the Vice-President for Diversity and International Affairs until 15 July 2022. An outline of the project and a well-founded proposal should be submitted in approximately two pages. In addition, please include the following in a single PDF file:

  • Short curriculum vitae (in tabular form)
  • Teaching: course syllabus, sample evaluations, etc.
  • Research: copy of the academic paper, summary or abstract by the author, and all available expert evaluations
  • University life: materials that document and evaluate the project

A jury comprising representatives from the professors and students, academic and administrative staff of Bamberg University selects the recipient. The jury will consider all submitted nominations and applications.

The call for nominations is also available as a PDF file(265.0 KB, 2 pages).

If you have any questions, please contact the personal assistant to the Vice-President for Diversity and International Affairs.

The Diversity Award is made possible by the generous support of Ofa Bamberg GmbH.

Diversity Award Recipients

Diversity Award Recipients 2021

The entire team supporting the Chair for General Pedagogy [website in German] received the award for their long-standing excellent contributions to diversity-related research, teaching, and university life. Their research frequently addresses questions of learning from and under diversity-informed conditions. By questioning attitudes and facilitating as well as reflecting on experiences with diversity, their teaching goes beyond communicating research results. The team, from a wide variety of backgrounds themselves, know how to meaningfully integrate their understanding of diversity into their research and teaching – be it in their research on education in various spatial contexts, their successful international collaborations, such as on the topic of peace education, or in their international master’s program “Educational Quality in Developing Countries.”

The Student Support Group HOPES [website in German] was honored for their outstanding work in the area of university life, the acronym HOPES standing for help and orientation for students with mental illnesses. The self-help group believes in personal responsibility, trust, visibility, and a non-hierarchical structure, offering support to fellow students in a safe environment. For seven years, the group has been holding regular meetings where students can share their experiences with psychological stress during their studies. HOPES also sees itself as a low-threshold contact point for referring affected students to other counseling services available at the university. In addition to this informal mentoring, the group engages in targeted public relations work to raise awareness for mental health among all university members and beyond.

This excerpt from the university’s brochure on the Dies academicus event 2021(2.3 MB, 4 pages) provides an extensive introduction to the Diversity Award recipients [only available in German].