Frequently Asked Questions: Trans* and Studies


FAQ for students and prospective students

Yes. The University of Bamberg appreciates the diversity of its students and is committed to the equal and non-discriminatory participation of trans*, inter* and non-binary students in university life. For this reason, the University of Bamberg allows you to enroll and study under your chosen name and gender.

If your name and/or your gender identity deviate from the information on official documents (e.g. government-issued identification card), please fill out the Formular „Antrag auf Namens- und Geschlechtseintragsänderung"(384.5 KB) (as of yet only available in German) and mail the form to the head of the Academic Registrar’s Office (Studierendenkanzlei), Katrin Kanngießer. You are also welcome to submit the form in person to the Academic Registrar’s Office. Please enclose a simple copy of your current government-issued identity card (Personalausweis) and a simple copy of your dgti-Ergänzungsausweis (dgti = Deutsche Gesellschaft für Transidentität und Intersexualität e.V.). Your application form will then be processed by the Academic Registrar’s Office and the Office of Examinations.

You can also apply for a new student identity (ID) card with a changed name and, if necessary, a current photo. Issuing a (new) student ID card costs €10.

No. The final documents are issued in the name given in your legal identification documents at the time of issue. Certificates etc. can only be issued in your chosen name after the name has been officially changed.

Yes. When enrolling, there are four options for specifying gender identity and the associated personal form of address: in addition to female and male, there is also the option of choosing “divers” or “keine Angabe”.

We ask that you provide information on the current status of the official judicial change of your name and/or gender entry annually, on your own responsibility or at the request of the Academic Registrar’s Office, so that any changes can be promptly entered into the university's internal administration programs.

The Academic Registrar's Office is available to answer any questions you may have about enrollment.

The contact persons of the Student Advisory Service are available to answer any questions you may have about your interests in studying and the structure of your studies.

You can contact the Anti-Discrimination Office for matters relating to discrimination. All inquiries are treated confidentially.

General FAQ

The dgti-Ergänzungsausweis(supplemental ID) is an additional, standardized ID document that has been confirmed by the Federal Ministry of the Interior and is issued by the dgti, the German Society for Transidentity and Intersexuality e.V.. The ID card contains your chosen personal data, such as first name, pronouns and gender, and shows a current passport photo. It helps to prevent discrimination through official channels and is known and accepted by all Interior Ministries, the police, a large number of authorities, banks, universities and other places. The supplementary ID is only valid in combination with an official personal document (e.g. government-issued identification card).

The supplementary ID can be requested on the dgti website (only available in German). Also note the checklist (only available in German) for the application.

If you have any questions or need advice on the topics of gender identity, sexual orientation and other dimensions of diversity, the Anti-Discriminination Officewill be happy to help you.