Senior International Research Fellows

"Senior International Research Fellows" are outstanding international researchers who have maintained a particularly close and productive relationship with scholars at the University of Bamberg in the past, e.g. by successfully participating in joint research projects or publications. The status of a Senior International Research Fellow is a mark of recognition conferred by the University of Bamberg. Its advantages include:

  • the opportunity to stay at the University of Bamberg in order to conduct research or to teach
  • the opportunity to continue existing joint research projects with scholars from Bamberg during a stay at the University of Bamberg
  • access to the University of Bamberg's libraries, archives and databases.

By appointing Senior International Research Fellows the University of Bamberg aims to enhance the cooperation between scholars from foreign universities and those in Bamberg, and thus to promote the exchange of knowledge. In accordance with its goals and research focuses, the University of Bamberg hopes to benefit from the academic and intercultural diversity of its Senior International Research Fellows.

Current members of the section are:

  • Prof Dr Roy F. Baumeister (host faculty: Human Sciences and Education)

Criteria for the Selection of a Senior International Research Fellow

  • Leading scholars who significantly promote their discipline with their outstanding and specific knowledge. Members of the section can be either foreign nationals or German citizens who possess extensive international research experience.
  • Their individual research matches the University of Bamberg's goals and research emphases.
  • Further criteria typically include the following points:
    • substantial research experience following the doctorate
    • high-quality publications in accordance with the standards of the discipline in question; e.g. the quality of the publisher, citations, research awards, ranking of articles and papers etc.
    • experience leading research teams, research centres or institutes
    • proven capacity to conduct independent research, documented, for example, by lead or sole authorship of publications, invited papers at national and international conferences


The appointment occurs by resolution of the university's Board of Management based on the recommendation of a member of the university and approval from the faculty with a particular interest in cooperating with the appointee. (There are no direct applications.) A letter of recommendation points out to the goals and advantages of appointing a certain scholar to the section. It also contains a coherent overview of guest residencies and activities that the scholar plans to complete during his/her membership.

The scholar is appointed as a fellow for the duration of 3 years.

The faculty that recommends the admission of a researcher as Senior International Research Fellow appoints a professor who will take responsibility for supporting the fellow during a stay at the University of Bamberg.

The University of Bamberg expects the development of collaboration with scholars from Bamberg in various fields of research and/or teaching, for example (upon specific request)

  • participating in doctoral and habilitation procedures, in the evaluation of assistant professors ("Juniorprofessuren"), or in appointment panels
  • research-related teaching within the framework of the Trimberg Research Academy (TRAc), one of the Bamberg Graduate Schools or within the university's regular study programmes
  • participating as a speaker in conferences or other public events
  • contributing to the development of research strategies within the faculty or discipline that promoted the scholar as a Senior International Research Fellow
  • developing ideas for significantly influential research projects, i.e. ones that contribute to the growth of knowledge, the enhancement of insight, or to the development of new concepts or processes
  • evaluating and summarising the results of surveys and research studies conducted at the University of Bamberg
  • serving as a mentor to a specific member of the University of Bamberg.

  • Section membership is valid for 3 years, with an unlimited number of possible renewals.
  • The fellows are systematically integrated into the University of Bamberg and its networks by means of the university's various service facilities like TRAc and the Welcome Center.
  • Privileges can be withdrawn anytime.
  • There is no salary or scholarship connected to the appointment as Senior International Research Fellow. Therefore, any funding (also while staying in Bamberg as visiting scholars) must be arranged and secured by the fellows themselves.
  • Senior International Research Fellows are not University of Bamberg employees and, despite the fact that they may receive a professional fee if funding can be acquired, they do not have any contractual relationship with the university.
  • An appointment as Senior International Research Fellow does not entitle the appointee to any future employment by the University of Bamberg.