Upcoming semester (Winter 22/23)

The Structure of Ainu   (undergraduate seminar)

Earlier semesters

An Introduction to Linguistics   (lecture)   [w22, s22, w21]
An Introduction to Linguistics   (undergraduate seminar)   [w22, s22, w21, w18s18, w17, s17, w16]
Methods in Quantitative Analysis: Corpus Annotation  (graduate seminar, with Geoffrey Haig)   [w22]
Topics in Applied Linguistics   (undergraduate seminar)   [s22]
Quantitative Methods in Linguistics: Basic Concepts   (graduate seminar)   [s21]
How Speakers Refer: Theoretical and Empirical Approaches to Referential Choice   (graduate seminar)   [s21]
Typesetting Linguistics with LaTeX   (graduate seminar)   [s18]
Empirical Methods in Linguistics (II)   (graduate seminar, with Geoffrey Haig)   [s17]