I work in the smart agriculture project WeideInsight in which we develop an energy-efficient localization system for cattle’s in an indoor (barn) and outdoor (pasture) environment. We are using the technologies Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Mioty, a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technique. We do not use GPS and we are aware that we do not have exact coordinates the whole time. My personal research goal is to develop a hybrid location model that returns the most meaningful location information. This can either be a symbolic Point of Interest (POI), a relation between different animals (social groups/activities) or geometric coordinate based on multilateration.

Theses Application

To optimize the process I want to inform you about my personal application process. You find a list of available theses in the next section. Pick one topic and write me an abstract about one or two pages. This helps you to get familiar with the topic and you can check if you like the topic or not. If there no interesting topics for you currently available you can also pitch your idea. To clarify individual question regarding theses I can offer a monthly theses consultation hour.

Available Theses

List of free theses. Theses that are currently in progress are listed with a remark that you can think about individual theses.

Code Refactoring for environmental sensors
We are using environmental sensors to measure the air quality in Bamberg. For these sensors we are also using the LPWAN technology Mioty to transfer data. The C++ Code is not that efficient and need improvement. This thesis is more suitable as Bachelor theses. In master theses, there is the design of an experiment needed. Priority of this topic is also not that high.

Ongoing Theses

Filter for location beacon data
Our lateration approach to determine the indoor location based on beacon data is capable for errors. Beacon data as well as labeled ground truth data is available. Goal of the theses is to use filters to reduce noise and other errors.
Suitable as bachelor and master theses. The master requirement is the usage of a particle filter and bachelor students are free to choose.

Data Generator for smart spaces and agriculture projects
The percom best paper award 2022 provides an approach to simulate smart spaces. In these master theses, the first step would be to rebuild the models to generate data. Goal of the theses is then to ably this approach to the WeideInsight scenario to generate data.