11.12.14 Vortrag "Image-based procedural scene representations"

Lena Gieseke, vom Visualisierungsinstitut der Universität Stuttgart (VISUS), kommt diese Woche nach Bamberg und trägt im mobi-Kolloquium über ihre Doktorarbeit vor. 

Image-based procedural scene representations

When building virtual scenes, the creation and control of surface
appearance models poses a challenging problem. Next to high demands on the visual quality of the models, they also need to be intuitively controllable and need to remain adjustable further down the production pipeline. Aiming at an optimized trade-off between all requirements,
we investigate the integration of image-based techniques into a
procedural modeling process. For this, we explore the identification
of visual features relevant for a human observer and how to abstract, 
process and compare these features in the image- as well as in the procedural space. Applying these concepts, we propose in recent results a method to automatically determine parameters of procedural texture models to reproduce the appearances of input images.

Zeit: 16:15 Uhr

Ort: WE5/05.018