2018/2019: Career Day

In November 2019, PhD candidate Hamedreza Kohzadi contributed his ideas to our Career Day and offered a highly useful talk of career options for Master students interested in applying for a PhD scholarship. His concept was eager taken up and expanded.

Winner: Hamedreza Kohzadi, M.A.

Career Day Programme

The "Roundtable Academic Career" was moderated by Igor Baldoino and structured by Hamedreza Kohzadi. During this roundtable, a group of panelists (mainly former MA EAS students) shared their experiences in successfully applying for a variety of scholarships with the audience. In addition, Igor Baldoino gave an overview of scholarships available to MA EAS students and future PhD candidates while Hamedreza Kohzadi explained the application procedure exemplarily with the help of his own DAAD scholarship. During the roundtable, the panelists did not only share their own experiences but also answered questions from the audience.

The "Roundtable Alumni and post-MA perspectives" was organised and moderated by Touhid Chowdhury, who has organised former students of the MA EAS to serve as panelists and share their experiences in qualified jobs outside of university. The roundtable will also serve to kick off the new MA EAS Alumni Association, which is currently being formed. To this effect, Touhid Chowdhury distributed questionnaires asking about people's interest in alumni work, which you can find here(32.8 KB)(32.8 KB).

Throughout the whole day, the Career Orientation Service was staffed by Igor Baldoino, who provided individual advice on career opportunities after the MA EAS. Moreover, our student helpers Marcellina Scheller and Alexander Feitenhansl were at hand to help with organisational or infrastructural questions (Marcellina Scheller) or questions of academic research (Alexander Feitenhansl).

The event was officially opened and presided over by the head of the examination board of the MA EAS, Prof. Dr. Christoph Houswitschka, and co-organised by the MA EAS coordinators, Dr. Susan Brähler (Joint Programme) and Dr. Kerstin-Anja Münderlein (regular MA).

2017: Video Campaign

In early 2017, Abdo Roumani developed the idea to introduce and explain the Joint Master's Degree in English and American Studies to an even wider programme through a video campaign. Abdo produced several videos, a description of the Joint Degree including its requirements , information on the obligatory mobility semester in the Joint Degree, and one video on studying and living in Bamberg. 

Winner: Abdo Roumani, M.A.

Note: The Joint Degree has meanwhile been replaced by the Joint Programme and the information provided in these videos may bay outdated! Please make sure to check the current regulations and requirements if you want to apply for the Joint Programme.

2016: Career Orientation Service

Since November 2016, the English Department of the University of Bamberg has offered its international Master students of English and American Studies a career service with the aim of providing guidance and assistance to those concerned or curious about their professional future and its possible paths. Here, students will find information regarding which fields are open for those holding a Degree in English (Literature, Linguistics and Culture), internship possibilities, national and international student conferences and colloquia, job-related bureaucracy support (dos & don’ts), scholarships or grants and more.

Winner and your career councellor: Igor Baldoino, M.A.