After graduation, a variety of professional fields are open to you! You may pursue an academic career as you are fully qualified for a PhD programme. Professional fields in the public and private sector include: education, archive and library services, diplomatic service, publishing, cultural organizations, international co-operation, translating, mass communication, advertising, tourism and public relations, or language-oriented professions.

Through the high degree of internationalization within the programme, you will be able to put your intercultural skills to good use in professions looking for creative, flexible, critical and highly qualified persons in all positions, including leadership. Moreover, your training in language proficiency allows you to use the language on an academic as well as a professional level in your future career inside and outside of academia.

Statements by our alumni

Joint Degree alum Igor Baldoino, M.A.

“A diploma in English Literature does not limit its holder to academia. In fact, it opens doors to markets that focus on languages and their cultures. For instance, Advertising, Content Marketing, Product Management, etc… all work and manipulate language to attain the goal of a campaign. Or for example jobs in Communication, Public Relations, and even criminal investigators need high-level linguistic skills. Finally the art world offers plenty of choices, from theatre, TV, museums and cultural organisations to acting or writing.”

Joint Degree alumna Nermine Abdulhafiz, M.A.

"The Joint Degree program [now: Joint Programme] is an outstanding experience full of knowledge, academic support and cultural diversity. And a chance to explore Europe and meet people from all over the globe."