Induction of Number Series

Participants: Ute Schmid, Michael Siebers, several Students (will be updated)

In this project we deal with number series in general. We are interested in

  • the way humans generate the next number of a series,
  • designing a system which solves number series best,
  • designing a system which solves number series similiar to humans.

Publications and Theses

Publications and theses are listed in reverse chronological order.


Schmid, Ute, Ragni, Marco (2015). Comparing Computer Models Solving Number Series Problems. In: Bieger, J., Goertzel, B., Potapov, A. (Eds.). Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Artificial General Intelligence. Berlin: Springer, p. 352–361.

Hofmann, Jacqueline, Kitzelmann, Emanuel, Schmid, Ute (2014). Synthesis to Induction of Number Series – A Case Study with IGOR2. In: Lutz, C., Thielscher, M. (Eds.). KI 2014: Advances in Artificial Intelligence. Heidelberg: Springer, p. 25–36.

Siebers, Michael, Schmid, Ute (2012). In: Krüger, Antonio, Glimm, Birte (Eds.). KI 2012: Advances in Artificial Intelligence. Heidelberg: Springer, p. 249–252.


Martin Hillebrand: Cognitive complexity of number sequence completion tasks -- Formal analysis and empirical investigation (BA Psychology, February 2016) [pdf]

Martina Milovec: Applying Inductive Programming to Solving Number Series Problems -- Comparing Performance of Igor with Humans (MA AI, Sept. 2014) [pdf]

Alexander Strätz: Ein regelbasierter Ansatz zur Induktion von Zahlenreihen (BA AI, March 2013) [pdf]

Jacqueline Hofmann: Automatische Induktion über Zahlenreihen -- Eine Fallstudie zur Analyse des induktiven Programmiersystems IGOR2 (Automated induction of number series -- A case study analysing the inductive programming system IGOR2, BA AI, December 2012) [pdf]


SanSi (KI 2012)

batchSemi-Analytical Number Series Induction. Induces number series definitions from given number series as described in the KI 2012 paper. This version induces and evaluates a list of number series from the command (500 KB)
GUIInduces number series definitions from a graphical user interface. Only one number series is induced at a time. Automatic evaluation is not (630 KB)


Number Series Database
25kKI 2012definitions (1.7 MB)
series (1.3 MB)