AI Engineering in Companies

Lecture and exercise: 6 ECTS / 180 h / 4SWS

Module coordinator: Prof. Dr. Milad Mirbabaie

Language of instruction: German
Time: n.n.

Contents: In the lecture and exercise, students will gain an insight into digital transformation with a special focus on artificial intelligence (AI). Starting with an overview of the "historical perspective" of the role and development of technologies, the foundation for AI research in business informatics is laid. The module covers values and responsibility in the digital transformation and provides the foundations for research in business informatics. During the event series, the three perspectives Individual & Team, Organization and Society are taken. In each of these sub-areas, the course discusses theories and phenomena from research. As part of an exercise course, cases from each perspective are worked on and discussed in groups.

Learning objectives/skills: The aim of the module is to impart knowledge about digital transformation and artificial intelligence. To this end, students learn about common research methods and theories in business informatics.

Examination form: Term paper and colloquium

Other information:
Frequency: winter semester
Minimum duration of the module: 1 semester

This is a course for Bachelor students. No admission requirements. No special prior knowledge is necessary for this module.

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