The goal of a good course in information systems should be to provide students with innovative ways of thinking, impulses and methods that enable them to independently develop sustainable solutions in an increasingly digitalized and complex working environment. In the course of the ever-increasing networking of human and machine and digitalization in general, it is particularly interesting and relevant to understand human behavior in dealing with these technologies. Based on this, new approaches and systems should be developed to support collaboration in socio-technical systems.

Within the teaching portfolio of Prof. Dr. Milad Mirbabaie, fundamental topics from information systems are covered in order to support students to deal with current problems. In addition to teaching theories and methods from information systems, psychology/communication sciences, sociology and philosophy, one goal of good information systems teaching is to promote application-oriented and interactive learning. In the course of final theses, students learn to deal with highly complex and current problems and are introduced to the independent scientific processing of such problems. In the course of practical projects, which are preferably carried out in cooperation with companies, students learn how companies function and which challenges currently exist that can be solved with the help of information systems. Thus, students can bridge the gap between theory and practice. The aim is for students to develop the ability to deal with topics critically, to develop knowledge independently and to reflect on their own ways of thinking.




  • AI Engineering in Companies (WiSe/SoSe)