Digital Life (Master)

WI-Seminar: 3 ECTS / 90h / 2 SWS

Responsible: Prof. Dr. Milad Mirbabaie 

Language: English
Time: WiSe / probably Thu 8-12 o'clock

Contents: This module focuses on the social dimensions and effects of digitalization in modern societies. It offers the opportunity for an in-depth examination of the consequences of digital technologies for social processes and structures both at the level of society as a whole and in the context of individuals, social groups and practices that are developing under the changing conditions of the digital society. The implications for life in a digital society are considered, which are deepened in a practice-oriented manner in individual student presentations.

Learning objectives/skills: The aim of the module is to impart well-founded competencies and skills that are necessary for understanding social change. After completing the module, students should be able to understand relevant literature in relation to a digitized society in order to be able to analyze and critically evaluate the use, emergence and impact of digital technologies.

Exam: term paper and presentation


The workload for this module is roughly structured as follows:

  • Participation in the input sessions on the basics of life in a digital society
  • Self-study and preparation of presentations in individual or group work
  • Completion of in-depth tasks in individual or group work
  • Preparation of a term paper

Other information: 
Frequency: winter semester
Minimum duration of the module: 1 semester

This is a course for Master students. No admission requirements. No special knowledge is necessary prior to this module.

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