Lukas Erle

About the Person

Lukas Erle has been an external doctoral student at the Chair of Information Systems, especially AI Engineering in Companies since December 2023. After completing his Bachelor's degree in Human-Technology Interaction at the Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences in Bottrop, Lukas Erle moved to the University of Duisburg-Essen, where he obtained his Master's degree in Applied Cognitive and Media Sciences (specialization: Social Media and Professional Communication). In addition to his master's thesis, he worked at the Chair of Digital Communication and Transformation, where he was involved in various research projects and teaching.

Lukas Erle has been working at the Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences as a research assistant and lecturer since March 2023. In addition to supervising his own courses, he works in the BMBF-funded project "RuhrBots", which researches the use of social robots in city administrations and public institutions in the Ruhr area.

Research Interests

Lukas Erle's research interests lie primarily in the areas of artificial intelligence, generative AI, stereotyping and synthetic media (e.g. virtual influencers). His focus is on the social impact assessment of the use of generative AI in relation to misinformation.


In teaching, Mr. Erle supports the team in the supervision of theses and research projects.

Selected Publications

Mirbabaie, M., Marx, J., & Erle, L. (2023). Digital Nudge Stacking and Backfiring: Understanding Sustainable E-Commerce purchase decisions. Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 15, 65–104.

Hofeditz, L., Erle, L., Timm, L., & Mirbabaie, M. (2023). How Virtuous are Virtual Influencers? - A Qualitative Analysis of Virtual Actors’ Virtues on Instagram. In Proceedings of the 56th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS).

Hofeditz, L., Mirbabaie, M., Erle, L., Knoßalla, E., and Timm, L. 2022. “Automating CrisisCommunication in Public Institutions – Towards Ethical Conversational Agents That SupportTrust Management,” Wirtschaftsinformatik 2022 Proceedings (3).
(2) (PDF) GenAI-powered Social Bots for Crisis Communication: A Systematic Literature Review.