Digital Society

WI-Seminar: 3 ECTS / 90 h / 2SWS

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Milad Mirbabaie

Language of instruction: German
Date: n.n.

Contents: This foundation module offers students a comprehensive insight into the key skills required to write a high-quality thesis in the field of Information Systems. Thematically, the module deals with topics of digital transformation that impact society. The module focuses on developing skills in literature handling, targeted reading, effective information processing, presentation techniques and academic writing.

Learning objectives/skills: The aim of the module is to gain a comprehensive understanding of information systems research. To this end, competencies in literature handling and research as well as skills in targeted reading and information processing are developed. Students should also be able to apply what they have learned in practical projects.

The workload for this module is roughly structured as follows:

  • Participation in the kick-off event in the first week of lectures (compulsory)
  • Self-study and preparation of presentations in individual or group work
  • Completion of in-depth assignments in individual or group work
  • Preparation of a term paper

Other information:

Frequency: winter semester
Minimum duration of the module: 1 semester

This is a course for Bachelor students. No admission requirements. No special prior knowledge is necessary for this module.

If you are interested in this course, please register via FlexNow! If your enrollment was successful, you can attend. Please be sure to attend the first session of the semester. You will receive the enrollment information for the corresponding VC course at the kick-off session.

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