Digital workplace transformation in JIT!

Prevalent literature understands digital transformation as a second-order effect of implementing new information technology. Nevertheless, in this paper, Professor Mirbabaie and his colleagues provide empirical evidence from two remote-first organisations that digitally transform their workplaces proactively instead of reactively. Hence, they suggest an identity change being able to induce new ways of working and thus being a precondition for implementing new information technology, and not its outcome. This paper presents a process model as a competing argument to the existing debate in digital transformation literature. It supports a notion of digital workplace transformation that serves a desired identity based on work preferences.

Brünker, F., Marx. J., Mirbabaie, M., & Stieglitz, S. (2023). Proactive digital workplace transformation: Unpacking identify change mechanisms in remote-first organisations. Special Issue: Digital Transformation as Geo-Political, Organizational and Technological Nexus.