Practical Project: Human AI Collaboration

WI project: 6 ECTS / 180 h / 4SWS

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Milad Mirbabaie

Language of instruction: German
Time: n.n.

Contents: In the Human-AI Collaboration practical project, students work on a research- or practice-oriented problem in a group. The aim of practice-oriented business informatics projects is usually to solve a practical problem, for example by collecting requirements, prototyping and evaluating an artifact. In a research-oriented project, the focus is on learning and using scientific methods (e.g. literature research, interviews, experiments or surveys) in order to gain scientific knowledge. An essential part of the business informatics project is also the work and self-organization in the group and presentation of the results. A project report is submitted as part of the project.

Learning objectives/skills: The aim of the module is the independent development of projects. To this end, students learn common methods of business informatics in order to work on the problem in groups. In addition to technical skills, they also learn project organization and management.

Other information:
Frequency: winter semester
Minimum duration of the module: 1 semester

This is a course for Bachelor students. No admission requirements. No special prior knowledge is necessary for this module.

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