Prof. Mishael Milaković, PhD


Feldkirchenstr. 21
96052 Bamberg

Tel: [+49] (951) 863-2582
Fax: [+49] (951) 863-2581

Email: vwl-iwf(at)

Die Sprechstunde während der Vorlesungszeit findet mittwochs von 14.00 -15.00 Uhr über Zoom statt. Bitte melden Sie sich hierfür mindestens einen Tag vorher per E-Mail an das Sekretariat an.

Die Zoom Meeting ID lautet: 951 9140 9612


Mishael Milaković's work focuses on statistical equilibrium economic modeling. The concept of statistical equilibrium rests on the observation that economies are made up of a large number of heterogeneous agents whose interactions give rise to aggregate regularities in the form of statistical distributions, which routinely are neither foreseen nor intended by individual ("optimizing") agents. The aim of his research is to understand which agent interactions are macroeconomically crucial in the sense that they do not cancel out in the process of aggregation.

Milaković has addressed these questions in the fields of finance, industrial dynamics, and income and wealth, where all key variables exhibit remarkable non-Gaussian regularities. He also investigates how the topology of interactions influences market outcomes and distributions. (Publications)


Habilitation, Department of Economics, University of Kiel, 2010

Ph.D. in Economics, New School for Social Research, 2003