Ort: Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg

Smart City Ringvorlesung: Sondertermin am 15.Mai 2024, 17 Uhr: Rob Kitchin - The right to the Smart City

  • Raum: U7/01.05 (An der Universität 7, Bamberg)
  • Vortragssprache: Englisch

The aspiration of a smart city has been promoted as a means to improve urban management and governance, and address issues of safety and sustainability. It has also been critiqued for being overly top-down and technocratic in orientation, serving the interests of states, companies and wealthy populations. This talk will critically reflect on the idea and ideals of the smart city, considering a number of political and normative questions relating to ethics, participation, citizenship, and social justice, and how these are conceived and operationalized within smart cities. The final part of the talk will explore the notion of ‘the right to the smart city’ and how this might be used to recast the smart city for citizens in emancipatory and empowering ways.