Required Application Documents for German Citizens

Type of Application Documents

Generally Required Application Documents

  1. Printout of your online application: completed and signed
  2. Higher education entry qualification: please submit this document even if you are already studying at the University of Bamberg!
  3. University and other higher education transcripts: bachelor's, master's, Magister or Diplom transcripts including a schematic list of your course and degree credit. If you have not yet completed a degree, please include the most current list of completed course and degree credit. These documents are required even if you have already completed or are currently pursuing a degree at the University of Bamberg!
  4. Where applicable, verification of change of name (e.g. due to marriage)

Additional, Degree-specific Application Documents

Depending on which master’s programme you are applying for, additional documents may be required.

Please see the third or fourth page of your admissions application for specific information on additional documents.

These documents can include:

  • Verification of additional foreign language proficiency (for international degree programmes). Special certification is only required when explicitly stipulated or in cases in which information on language proficiency is not included in your higher education entry qualification certificate.
  • Verification of additional or supplemental knowledge, skills or academic credit (e.g. statistics)
  • Internship certificates or job references
  • Personal statement/letter of motivation
  • CV in tabular form

Important: The information on this page pertains only to master's degree programme applicants who are German citizens.

Applicants with non-German citizenship