- Samira Rosenbaum

    New Degree Programmes at the University of Bamberg

    Applications now being accepted

    Two new master’s degree programmes are available to students at the University of Bamberg beginning in the 2016/17 winter semester: “International Mathematics and Science Education” and “German Language, Literature and Culture”. Additionally, the master’s programme in sociology has established the new “Sociology and Social Research” and “Sociology and Demography” double degrees – programmes in which students earn degrees from two universities. The “Jewish Studies” bachelor’s programme rounds out the university’s new degree offering.

    “International Mathematics and Science Education” is geared towards graduates of teacher training and education programmes in biology, chemistry and mathematics who wish to pursue advanced qualifications and are interested in international contact and the English language. This three-semester master’s degree programme prepares graduates for activities like teaching in bilingual schools or working in other educational institutions. Further information can be found at www.uni-bamberg.de/matheinfdidaktik/studium/med-international-maths-science-education/.

    Each year, the “Sociology and Social Research” double degree programme provides five master’s students in sociology with the opportunity to gain advanced knowledge in the empirical methods of social research and to choose from two thematic areas of specialisation; “Social Inequalities and Social Change” or “Culture and Communication”. Students spend one year of study at the University of Bamberg and one year at the Italian University of Trento, and they graduate with degrees from both universities.  The programme is entirely in English and is geared towards graduates with a bachelor’s degree in sociology or another related field. For further information, please visit www.uni-bamberg.de/ma-dd-sociology/sociology-and-social-research-bamberg-trento/.

    “Sociology and Demography” is the second new double degree offered in sociology. This is also an English-language programme and it is focused on sociological theories and methods, as well as demographic developments – particularly as these pertain to the areas of migration and integration. Students spend their first year of study at the University of Bamberg and their second year at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. As in the other double degree programme, students earn master’s degrees from both universities. The “Sociology and Demography” programme is geared towards graduates with a bachelor’s degree in sociology or another related field. Applications are being accepted until 31 July. For further information, please visit www.uni-bamberg.de/soziologie/dd-sociology/barcelona.

    Advanced courses in German literature, linguistics and medieval studies are at the core of the new, broad-based master’s programme in “German Language, Literature and Culture”, which also begins in autumn 2016. The programme includes elective course segments like “teaching”, “literary mediation” or “German as a foreign language” which introduce students to relevant practical and professional fields. This programme is geared towards graduates with a bachelor’s degree in German or another related field. Detailed information is available at www.uni-bamberg.de/germanistik/studium/master/ma-germanistik/.

    The new bachelor’s degree programme in “Jewish Studies” makes it possible to choose an undergraduate major that explores the religious and cultural aspects of Judaism. Students learn both modern and biblical Hebrew in order to be able to read original source materials. This provides students with direct insights into the smallest of the five world religions and its long and chequered history. The programme explores developments in both European and non-European countries like the USA and Israel. More information can be found at www.uni-bamberg.de/judaistik/studium/.

    Further information on international studies and degree programmes at the University of Bamberg can be found here: