The University of Bamberg is committed to systematically recording its environmental impact and continuously improving its environmental performance. The 2019–2022 objectives agreement between the university and the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts therefore stipulates that an environmental management system be established by 2022:

In its “Conceptual Identity and Mission Statement”, the university pledges to assume social responsibility. This responsibility includes addressing the aspects of sustainability and environmental protection deliberately and specifically. In order to mainstream sustainability, it is necessary to implement sustainability in both organisational and cognitive structures. This commitment has to be anchored in sustainability-oriented development concepts, sustainability strategies, incentive structures, positions of responsibility and authority, and in self-commitments and objectives agreements by means of an appropriate management process. For this reason, participation and successful certification should be implemented in accordance with the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

What is EMAS?

EMAS is a voluntary instrument of the European Union to help organisations to continuously improve their environmental performance. All university areas (research, teaching, and administration) are included. You can find more information on the EMAS website.

The EMAS cycle

After conducting an initial environmental review, the University of Bamberg is now continuously improving its environmental performance with the help of a management system. This includes the definition of the environmental mission statement and an environmental programme with self-determined goals and measures, as well as their concrete implementation and auditing for the annual EMAS environmental statement. This environmental statement and compliance with all environmental regulations is validated by an external environmental verifier.

Project process

In the 2021 summer semester, the project was launched with a kick-off workshop involving various representatives from the University of Bamberg. If you have already established aspects of sustainability in your field of activity or working environment, Dr Carolin Brix-Asala would be pleased to hear from you.