Sustainable Health

For high performing and committed personnel

The University Health Management system (UGM) strives to achieve the sustainable goal of a healthy workforce that is highly efficient and committed to realising the university’s goals.

It was placed on a firm footing in 2014 with the establishment of an executive administrative unit under the direction of the Head of Administration and collaborates with the relevant organisational units, working groups and individuals. During its inception, fields of action were defined with the objective of

  •     improving the environment for “Health at Work” at our university
  •     focusing employees’ attention on their personal health and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Depending on current needs, priorities are set and measures delivered. These include consultations, action days, various lecture series, the implementation of mental stress risk assessments, and the promotion of physical activity at the workplace. At present, these activities and provisions are primarily aimed at employees, but in the medium term established programmes are to be opened up to target the student body.

University Health Management (German only)