Sustainability as a topic of research

Interdisciplinary and cross-faculty initiatives

Different subjects are focusing on aspects of sustainability in their respective disciplines. Some examples:

In American Studies, the main research focus is on ecological sustainability discourses in US literature and culture.
1) The DFG project “The Environmental Imagination of Mobility: Umwelt und Migration in amerikanischer Gegenwartsdichtung (Environment and Migration in Contemporary American Poetry)” shows how poetry perceives migration and other forms of mobility as a source of critical and sensitive environmental perspectives and an integral part of human environmental relations. In addition, Bamberg’s American Studies explores 2) crossover between the early environmental movement and the work of Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman, 3) the “American Eve” as a literary figure through whom an ideal relationship between humans, nature and technology is negotiated, and 4) a new eco-heroism in US environmental literature of the 21st century. [Read more...]

The Research Centre for Sustainable Mobility for Commodities and Persons at the Chair of Operations Management and Logistics, focuses on individual mobility in passenger and freight transport, taking into account the economic, ecological and social sustainability dimensions. [Read more ... (German only)]

The Chair of Foundations in Education also focuses its research on sustainability in the field of education. There is research on global learning in various contexts—for example, in the context of international youth exchange travel or getting involved in child sponsorship. In addition, there are various projects to research and improve the quality of teaching and the educational professionalism of teachers in countries involved in development cooperation, such as an international master’s programme for students from various countries in sub-Saharan Africa. [Read more ... (German only)]

As part of the “Environmental Education—Edutainment” project, the Natural Sciences Didactics unit at the University of Bamberg developed learning concepts which sensitise pupils to topics such as renewable energies and renewable raw materials by having them conduct their own experiments.