User Account for Students

The user account for students comprises a user name (also known as the BA number, e.g. ba018748) and a corresponding password. The combination is your key to accessing various IT services.

User Lifecycle for Students

The management of university members’ accounts, from their first day of enrolment or employment to the cancellation of the account, has been automated by means of the User Lifecycle. Students’ user accounts are valid for the duration of their studies.

The following tables provide the chronology of the individual steps regarding your user account (receipt, e-mail notifications, disabling, deletion).

Enrolment and your user account

User Lifecycle stepTimeline relative to enrolment
Creation of your user accountThe same day
Use of your accountBeginning the next day

Deregistration and your user account

User Lifecycle stepTimeline relative to deregistration
Email: advance notification4 weeks later
Email: notificationapprox. 25 weeks later (180 days)
Email: reminderapprox. 27 weeks later (194 days)
Disabling of the user accountapprox. 29 weeks later (208 days)
Deletion of the user accountapprox. 31 weeks later (222 days)

Following the deletion of your user account, all of your examination results will remain saved in the University of Bamberg’s system. The deletion simply has the effect that you will no longer be able to register with the FlexNow examination and course credit system. If you require examination records after the deletion of you user account, you can have them issued via the university’s office of examinations.

Extending the User Account

With your deregistration from the university you lose the usage rights for IT services. Important information and things to keep in mind in this regard can be found on the website pertaining to the end of studies, doctoral studies and employment.

If you require the use of your account for more than 29 weeks after deregistration, you can request a user account extension of six months by providing a convincing reason. This request is to be filed using the IAM portal. This is only possible after receiving the second e-mail notification (approximately 25 weeks after deregistration). This email will provide specific information regarding the further course of action.

Should you require access to the University of Bamberg’s electronic data services for work on specific research projects, please apply for an employee user account and obtain consent from the project’s directors Nutzerkonto für Bedienstete.

Your student user account cannot be extended for this purpose since it includes extended authorisation for which only enrolled students are eligible. We therefore recommend saving your data early enough to be able to transfer it to the new staff user account.

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