Advice, Support, Assistance

IT Support: Your Central IT Information Source

You can turn to the IT Support team with any question concerning IT at the University of Bamberg. Our staff will do their best to either provide an answer immediately or to make sure that a solution to your problem or an answer to your question is found as quickly as possible.

Telephone+49 951 863-1333
In personRoom RZ/00.13, Computing Centre’s main entrance

Computer Service: Hardware and Software Solutions

The Computer Service provides assistance with technical problems concerning computers, peripheral equipment and software at university staff workstations.

Hardware Support

Your partner for questions and problems with computers, printers, monitors, etc.

Telephone+49 951 863-1313
In personRoom RZ/01.10 on the first floor of the IT-Service

Software Support

Your partner for all questions concerning computer programs (e.g. email, anti-virus, Office)

Telephone+49 951 863-1326
In personRoom RZ/01.08 on the first floor of the IT-Service

Advisory Services for the Procurement of Computers, Tablets, Peripheral Equipment

If you need new hardware for the enhancement of a computer, for a new workstation or for an entire department, then the team for the procurement of hardware in the IT service is familiar with current prices, can offer advice, and will take care of purchasing the desired equipment:

Telephone+49 951 863-1314

Please review this information on hardware procurement (in German).

Advisory Services for the Procurement of Software Licences

Do you need special software for your work? The team of the Procurment of Sofware at the IT Service knows the current software prices and licensing regulations, advises you and takes care of purchasing the desired software at specially discounted conditions.

Telephone+49 951 863-1327

Please review this information on software procurement (in German).

Remote Maintenance

To ensure that you don’t have to wait long for a solution, support staff can connect to your computer remotely using TeamViewer.

Start TeamViewer by entering the word “wartung” under Start Run... .

If you are not using a computer with the University of Bamberg standard installation, then you will need to install the TeamViewer software to enable remote maintenance.

After running this program, a dialogue window containing a number will appear. Please give this number to the IT-Service staff member who is assisting you.

Please note: Only start the remote maintenance program after consulting with IT-Service staff! If it is a matter of software or hardware installation, please log on as the computer administrator.