Computers for Teaching, Studies, Research

University of Bamberg Computer Labs

Whether it’s printing out files, creating a PowerPoint presentation or conducting research online, the University of Bamberg’s computer labs provide students with a wide variety of useful applications. In order to ensure that computers are up to date and capable of performing any number of processes, the IT for Students service (ITfS) handles the operation and maintenance of hardware, servers and network components.

Please see the following table to find out more about computer lab locations, equipment and software, and to find contact information for lab administrators (links in German only).

Humanities (GuK)Am Kranen 12KR12/00.02, KR12/01.05
An der Universität 5U5/02.23
Human Sciences and Education (Huwi)Markusplatz 3M3N/-1.10, M3N/-1.19
Markusstraße 8aMG2/00.09, MG2/01.09
Economics and Business Administration (SoWi)Feldkirchenstraße 21/RZRZ/00.04, RZ/00.05,
RZ/00.06, RZ/00.07, RZ/01.02, RZ/01.03
Information Systems and Applied Computer Science (WIAI)An der Weberei 5WE5/01.003, WE5/02.005, WE5/04.014

Please see the University of Bamberg’s regulations for using university information systems, computer labs and equipment (German only).

You still have questions?

Telephone: +49 951 863-1319
Email: it-support(at)