Workshop Machine Learning and Energy Products Marketing

As part of the ERA-Net SG+ SmartLoad project, the research group Bits to Energy Labs, together with the Swiss utility CKW AG and the data analytics company BEN Energy AG, is developing techniques to automatically identify and target customers with interest on sustainable and green products and services. One major project goal is to acquire how much value already available core company data, fine-grained electricity consumption data (smart meter data) and free external data have to identify such customers in large campaigns.

This year's workshop in Bamberg focused on selected methods to prepare, integrate and analyze data, especially from the field of machine learning. These methods were exemplary applied using the analytics software R and typical utility data as well as external and free available data. As a result, the consortium worked out necessary requirements, to integrate machine learning techniques in marketing campaigns for sustainable and green products and services at utilities.

This project is part of the ERA-Net SG+ projects that are funded by several nations and the European Union. The vision for the European smart grid is to create an electric power system that integrates renewable energies and enables flexible consumer and production technologies. The aim of the respective projects is to research new technologies, market designs and customer integration and their implementation in field.