Two awards at ICIS

At the 38th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), which took place in December 2017 in Seoul, South Korea, the article "Designing Pervasive Information Systems: A Fashion Retail Case Study", which originated from a cooperation between the University of Würzburg (Matthias Hauser, Christoph Flath und Frédéric Thiesse)  and the University of Bamberg (Sebastian Günther), received two awards: The paper won both the Best Track Paper Award (HCI, Design Issues and Design Science Research) and the Best Conference Paper Runner-Up Award (of more than 400 accepted papers). ICIS is the most important conference in the field of Information systems.

The article first extends a briefly published design theory of cyber-physical systems with the aspect of the mutability of their legacy components. Subsequently, a prototype for an automated checkout system is presented as a case study.

The Automated Checkout System is an information system that enables the checkout process to be fully automated. Customers can simply leave the shop with their purchases and at the same time the system is able to

  • recognize that the articles are carried out of the shop
  • assign the items reliably to the correct customer
  • and then to initiate the payment process.

The research paper presents the first approach that meets the first two requirements for the specific case of fashion retailing. The prototype consists of RFID hardware and software components that process the low-level sensor data. The system has been tested under representative laboratory conditions and detects in real time that RFID-tagged items leave the store and then assigns them reliably to the customer. Wrong assignments are only made in cases where customers have a very similar movement paths (for example, when they are walking next to each other) and leave the store at the same time.