Chen-Hao Hsu (M.A.)


Chen-Hao Hsu (MA)
Chair of Sociology, in particular Methods of Empirical Social Research
University of Bamberg
Feldkirchenstrasse 21
96045 Bamberg

Tel .: + 49-951-863-2423
Room: FG1 / 00.05

Academic positions

Chen-Hao Hsu studied International Business (B.A. 2014) and Sociology (M.A. 2016) at the National Taiwan University. During his studies, he worked in several positions as a research assistant at the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research and at the National Taiwan University. From October 2017 to August 2019, he worked as a research assistant in Academia Sinica (Taiwan) on the project "Population and Labor Force Projections with Education up to 2050: Taiwan and its Aging Neighbors." In October 2019, he started his PhD study (project topic: "Uncertainty, Family Formation, and Motherhood Penalties") at the Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences. He is the scholarship holder of the DAAD Graduate School Scholarship. Currently, he works as a teaching associate in the Chair of Methods of Empirical Social Research at the University of Bamberg.

Research Interests

  • Family demography, especially the economic causes and consequences of family formation.
  • Labor market research, especially the impcat of precarious employment and unemployment.
  • Couple relationship and wellbeing.
  • Comparative studies, especially in East Asia and Europe.
  • Panel data analysis and quantitative causal inference.


Cheng, Y.‐h.A. and Hsu, C.‐H. (2020), No More Babies without Help for Whom? Education, Division of Labor, and Fertility Intentions. Journal of Marriage and Family, 82: 1270-1285. doi:10.1111/jomf.12672

Conferences or invited presentations

[July, 2020] Talk on "Human fertility and longevity: Evidence from crowdsourcing genealogical data" in the course Social Demography hosted by Prof. Dr. Henriette Engelhardt-Wölfler, University of Bamberg, Germany. (With H. Engelhardt-Wölfler and O. Posegga)

[April, 2019] Presentation on “Changing labor force and economic growth in post-industrial Taiwan: The importance of incorporating a gender perspective” at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America , Austin, USA. (Full text available here).

[April, 2019]  Presentation on “No more babies without help? Spousal division of labor and fertility intentions in Taiwan ”at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America , Austin, USA. (With Y.-h. A. Cheng).

[February, 2016] Presentation on “Diversified manpower management Strategies among Taiwanese corporations in the New Labor Pension System” at the 2016 East Asian Conference for Young Sociologists (EACYS) , Tokyo, Japan.


[Summer term 21]  Co-instructor of the course Fortgeschrittene Verfahren der Mehrebenenanalyse und des internationalen Vergleichs: Multilevel analysis using comparative micro data (held in English)

[Winter term 20/21]  Co-instructor of the course Fortgeschrittene Verfahren der Längsschnittanalyse: Applied Panel Data Analysis (held in English)

[Feb, 2020]  Teaching assistant of the course "Panel Data Analysis" at the 9th ECPR Winter School in Methods and Techniques, Bamberg, Germany.

[Winter term 15/16]  Teaching assistant of the course "Organizational Theory" at the National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan.