Scholarship Options

IMPEQ Scholarships

Bread for the World (BfdW) provided 20 scholarships for the first 4 cycles of the programme, a total of 80 scholarships until now.

The prerequisite for a scholarship is employment in a Protestant organisation (church, university, school, NGO, etc.) in BfdW's cooperation countries.

If they will also provide new scholarships for the next cycle we will inform you here in time.


DAAD Scholarships

For all applicants, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is providing many scholarships in different areas.

To apply for DAAD scholarships a letter of motivation or a research exposé is required. The letter should have

  • Facts about your education, skills and knowledge
  • Planned studies: study programme, number of semesters
  • Professional experience
  • Academic knowledge, skills and language skills

You also need to underline your academic motivation, why you wish to take the study programme, your expectations of studying in Germany and the reasons for applying for a scholarship. The letter of motivation should be between one and three DIN A4 pages long.

You can find different scholarship options from the databank of DAAD. Please check the web page. You can search the database with words like “Africa”, “education”

During the application, applicants also provide confirmation letter from the sponsor organization.

KAAD Scholarships

If you are Catholic, KAAD runs a programme for applicants from sub-Saharan African countries. University graduates, who have already taken over responsibility in church and society could apply for the programme. The focus countries are Ghana, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Interested graduates can fill an online questionnaire, which they find on the application webpage

For this programme there is a preference for Catholic applicants. Among the scholars there is however also a limited number of: Protestant Christians, Orthodox Christians (especially from Ethiopia), Muslims. The age limit for KAAD scholarships is 30.

Albertus Magnus Programme

IWM runs a programme for all African countries called Albertus Magnus Scholarships. This programme is only for the priests from the catholic background.

For further information, please visit programme web page and fill out the forms. (In German)

VEM Scholarships

VEM is also running a scholarship programme for African applicants with a Protestant background who are wishing to pursue master and PhD degrees. Personal applications should be backed by local Protestant churches and applicants should be under the age of 40. VEM is also asking from the scholarship holders to work some time for the organization.  For more and detailed information, please check the website and download the application forms.

A scholarship application to VEM should be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • School and university records
  • Signed contract of cooperation between sending church and scholarship applicant
  • Signed document that the scholars received and accepts the guidelines
  • Proof of language skills
  • Outline of planned study programme
  • Letter of acceptance from the institution of studies
  • Detailed budget proposal